A New Opportunity To Onboard World-Class Software Developers

A New Opportunity To Onboard World-Class Software Developers
Damian Wasserman

During the last few years, we focused on identifying and hiring, one by one, the best engineers from all over Latin America. As a result, we have an organization with professionals who can make an impact from day zero on the most challenging projects.

In order to attract top-tier talent, we always look for the perfect match between projects and talent as it proved to be the way to build stable, long-lasting partnerships. However, business plans can change, especially during economic downturns, and that impacts team configurations as well. 

To navigate these periods, we work along counter-cyclical businesses as well as those who strategically work on projects to get ready for the next big move in the economy. This is a unique opportunity for these companies to onboard talent with two extra valuable qualities.

Accredited and cost-efficient developers

These aren’t just highly-vetted engineers, these are experienced BEONers with a demonstrated history of being in tune with the culture and values of the company, including commitment, positive attitude, and that they were highly valued in their previous positions.

From a cost-efficiency standpoint, the engineers are part of our staff already, and thus, the process doesn’t carry a talent acquisition cost, giving us the chance to provide up to 25% lower rates. 

Let’s make the move

If you are looking to onboard new talent to your team, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of proven developers. You can book a time to chat with us and we’ll be happy to start making some intros.