BEON — A Great Place to Work

BEON — A Great Place to Work
Michel Cohen

The photo above shows our team from Buenos Aires, 25 of the nearly 100 BEONers from all over Latin America. We believe in connecting the best talent in our region with high-end companies in the U.S. Through challenging projects, extraordinary teammates, and a friendly and supportive company culture, we propel every BEONer’s career in new and exciting ways.

It’s official, a benchmarking milestone

We want to recognize all our employees because a company is the people who make it, and BEON is what it is today because these highly talented people chose to grow with us. Thanks to each of those who make up this family, BEON has established itself as one of the companies certified as Great Place to Work.

That’s right, today marks a month since Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, certified our team’s satisfaction, good culture, and the love that BEONers across the Latin American continent have for us. 

We congratulate BEON for its certification,” said Eduardo Aceiro, general manager of Great Place To Work in Argentina. “Organizations that generate bonds of trust with their collaborators create cultures that positively impact the results of their businesses,” he added.

What working at BEON feels like

“BEON offers a competitive salary, a flexible schedule, a warm environment, cutting-edge technology stacks, and work stability. What else is there to ask?” 

Software Engineer – Buenos Aires

It’s true, at BEON, we work on challenging projects within active companies, startups, and agencies in the U.S. We offer career plans in which each team member can take their next big professional step, according to their abilities, interests, and projections for the future.

Additionally, we offer many other benefits such as free courses and a welcome package that includes AWS certification and state-of-the-art equipment. A dedicated work culture and personal warmth are part of BEON’s DNA, and both have contributed to the seamless professional and personal integration of team members.

By seeking professionals across the continent, we tap into a broader pool of talent, selecting only the best candidates. Thanks to this process, we generate an ecosystem full of outstanding minds from which all team members can learn and receive mutual help. For many of us, the opportunity to work with highly experienced peers in such exciting fields as AI, robotics, and blockchain is an attraction that cannot be ignored.

These benefits and more are what BEONers recognize as the things that make this company not only a place to work, but a unique environment in which they can achieve ambitious goals alongside true friends. And it’s what has allowed us, as a company, to become worthy of the Great Place to Work designation.

Final thoughts

The Great Place to Work certification is a program that recognizes the quality of BEON’s organizational culture, with which this organization wishes to teach other companies how to build a great place to work. For us, the certification is validation that focusing on the professional growth and well-being of our team members is the best path we can take. 

Our goals for the future are to continue expanding the team throughout all Latin American countries, recruiting only the best talent; and to offer these professionals career plans in which they can work according to the industry, project size, and technologies they want for U.S. companies, which are characterized by their stability and growth. As we see it, the Great Place to work certification is just the beginning.