Dedicated Teams

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by hiring a dedicated team

A fully-managed, tailor-made team to power your business.

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Dedicated teams

Hiring a fully managed
team that fits your needs

Building a team is challenging. Timelines are always pressing, yet you need to find professionals with the right technical and cultural fit for your company.

These partners will be a part of your universe daily during the project, so you want to make the right choice. Limiting that choice based on geographical proximity makes it harder to find the best talent.

We take this process off your plate by building a dedicated team in just a few days, saving you the uncertainty and costs of doing it on your own, a process that distracts you from managing your business.

Once your team is in place, members are fully available and report to you as if they were working in the same office. With time, they become immersed in your company's culture and goals, seamlessly becoming part of your staff.

"Once your team is in place, they’re fully available and will report as if they were in the same office."

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Keys of hiring a
nearshore dedicated team

  • Quick spin-up, no recruiting cost

    Our HR process allows us to quickly spin up teams that operate as your full-time employees by picking the best talent from 30+ countries.
  • Lower cost per resource

    Our engineers are highly qualified, yet much less expensive than U.S.-based resources.
  • Flexible and scalable

    You can expand or reduce your team on demand. This flexibility allows you to respond quickly to business needs and reach your goals faster.
  • Same time zone

    Having the same work schedule allows you to collaborate in real time and save you from having to push project work to odd hours.
  • Simplified employee administration

    We take care of contracts, payroll, labor costs, vacations, replacements, and employee retention.
    These matters rest with us as your software development partner.
  • Lower infrastructure costs

    No need to move to a bigger office. Scale your team to any size without having to pay for more space.


Built into our service to get
the most out of it

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You also get this at no additional cost Built into our service to help you get the most out of it

Project Management

We help you by planning your project, keeping your deadlines on track, and being available to assist any time.

HR Management

We maintain your team's motivation by providing workshops, free courses, and many other perks.

Engineering Mastercrew

Get access to tech gurus with vast experience in IoT, Data Science, DevOps, Blockchain, and more.

Tailor-made teams with every
role properly covered

From a basic frontend and backend role to more specific profiles. We are flexible enough to find a team that fits your needs.

Companies usually augment their staff when they need specialized roles like:

  • Data science / AI
  • Blockchain developers
  • Roku developers
  • IoT developers
  • Tizen developers


Get visibility every step of the way


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Get access to the best experts
around the continent

Web Development

Web app developers who enhance businesses

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A development platform for creating efficient and sophisticated single-page apps

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An open source JavaScript library for building amazing user interfaces

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Our preferred backend development JavaScript engine

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Native App Development

iOS and Android engineers who take full advantage of the OS

Cross Platform Frameworks

JavaScript developers who create near-native mobile experiences with Flutter, React Native, or Progressive Web Apps

E-Commerce & Subscriptions

Developers who have strong experience working with high-performance marketplaces


Don’t just take our word for it

They’re the core of our development.

The resources provided by BEON Tech Studio deliver high-quality development work, offer valuable insights, and integrate well with the client’s mission.

CEO at Evvnt
Richard Green

Their developers are efficient, responsive, and affordable.

I appreciate how they encourage us to release updates quickly to seek customer feedback.

VP of Product at MagellanTV
James Lauzun

They are wonderful.

They’re very attentive and communicative. They’re always readily available and they reply quickly.

CEO at Educasic
Melissa Murphy

I wouldn’t do any projects without them.

They’re fantastic at project management, using email, Slack, and Trello to communicate. We talk every day, and their developers are like part of our internal team.

CEO at Succulent Studios
Andrew Moeck

BEON is our entire technology team.

They’re heavily engaged with our day-to-day operation despite being remote.

COO at Candy Club
Jarred Herman

Phenomenal project management.

We’ve worked with teams from around the world, and BEON Tech Studio has been one of the best.

Co-Founder of SoftServ
Justin Shane

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