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Keys to our success

Our e-commerce development team

Our chief devs and tech leaders work with e-commerce implementations that bill millions of dollars per year. These experts understand the most sensitive parts of a business — Conversion Rate, CPA, and shipping — and are aware of their impact on client satisfaction.

We’ve worked with platforms created by our developers from scratch, as well as off-the-shelf platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

Good e-commerce developers are aware of the need for momentum. They never take days off before important holidays and are always there during activity peaks, like those prompted by a massive discount campaign or the publication of an influencer video.

It’s not just coding. All our devs understand the weight of a broken mobile checkout process, a wrecked shipping label, or a repeated product in a monthly subscription. We recognize the urgent needs of e-commerce businesses because we’ve worked as their partners for the last nine years.

"BEON takes a very integrated approach to their work. They’re a true product development team, not just an engineering shop."

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E-Commerce development

Our keys to successful
e-commerce development

  • Working Hours

    Having the same work schedule as our clients is important
    when emergencies arise that impact the CR or shipments.
  • Reliable Deploys

    We use continuous integration to ensure deployments are successful and don’t break the checkout flow,
    affecting KPIs like conversion rate and CPA.
  • Data & Reports

    We know how to work with the database to get cohort segmentations and daily reports as well as scripts to update data.
  • Mobile First

    Because mobile users make up to 75% of visitor traffic, prioritizing the mobile UI is crucial.
  • Integrations

    We have experience in all types of integrations, but mainly those that achieve frictionless payments, logistics, and inventory management.
  • Convertion rate

    We continuously aim to increase the CR by using AB testing, strong CTAs, usability, lead forms usage, drip campaigns,
    and many other strategies, never neglecting loading time.
  • Tools

    Using products like Sentry, Fullstory, and Optimizely — and their competitors — is key.
  • Fraud Detection

    We employ strategies like Zip Code and CVV validation, which are key to successfully operating high traffic websites.

From immediate Slack responses to keeping Jira and Trello up to date, our engineers are trained to offer constant visibility.

Clear communication Clarity. Visibility. Prevention.

On our hiring pipeline, we rank the way our devs handle critical situations — that is, how they determine the weight of a problem and decide which key data the client needs to know.

Academic excellence Finding top ranked developers

All our web developers are computer science graduates with average grades of B+ and high scores on the technical assessments we administer before they join our team.

E-Commerce Platforms

We love working with these


Developers who can code amazing frontends using the Liquid Template Language and know every single feature in the platform.


Experts in setting up the most famous e-commerce Wordpress plugin on the market.


Devs experienced in building custom frontends, and configuring and maintaining stores.

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Established leaders in the
subscription industry

Daily process

We have developed daily processes to manage box assignments, considering each client’s tastes, preferences, and even weather conditions.

Recurring payments

Generating tokens for recurring purchases, we manage monthly collections using third-party platforms and customized implementations. We’ve also developed our own rebill algorithm.


We know the importance of client retention, so we’ve implemented strategies to reduce the churn rate, such as turning subscriptions on and off, skipping months, and gifting a month’s box.

You also get this at no additional cost Built into our service to get the most out of it

Project Management

We help you by planning your project, keeping your deadlines on track, and being available to assist any time.

HR Management

We maintain your team's motivation by providing workshops, free courses, and many other perks.

Engineering Mastercrew

Get access to tech gurus with vast experience in IoT, Data Science, DevOps, Blockchain, and more.


Don’t just take our word for it

They’re the core of our development.

The resources provided by BEON Tech Studio deliver high-quality development work, offer valuable insights, and integrate well with the client’s mission.

CEO at Evvnt
Richard Green

Their developers are efficient, responsive, and affordable.

I appreciate how they encourage us to release updates quickly to seek customer feedback.

VP of Product at MagellanTV
James Lauzun

They are wonderful.

They’re very attentive and communicative. They’re always readily available and they reply quickly.

CEO at Educasic
Melissa Murphy

I wouldn’t do any projects without them.

They’re fantastic at project management, using email, Slack, and Trello to communicate. We talk every day, and their developers are like part of our internal team.

CEO at Succulent Studios
Andrew Moeck

BEON is our entire technology team.

They’re heavily engaged with our day-to-day operation despite being remote.

COO at Candy Club
Jarred Herman

Phenomenal project management.

We’ve worked with teams from around the world, and BEON Tech Studio has been one of the best.

Co-Founder of SoftServ
Justin Shane

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