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Keys to our success

Our web development team

For many years, we ventured with many services in the software industry—yet, we couldn’t get something out of our heads: even though many companies provided capable software engineers to businesses, we couldn’t find one that focused on exceptional talent. There was a dire need for outstanding resources that needed to be met.

As a result, in 2018, we decided to provide the best Latin American talent and found BEON Tech Studio, which grew to a dynamic team of fifty elite engineers in just two years.

This minority of exceptional engineers made clients so happy that they recommended us to others or augmented their own teams. Usually, while expanding their team, they said: "I want a clone of my current developer."

The best skills of these elite developers were their critical and conceptual thinking and their ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. They were also proactive and curious professionals who looked for the best tools available to build and automate processes.

Over time, we identified these "keepers" and decided to hire only engineers with those skills. We re-assigned resources from sales and marketing to find the best talent in Latin America, those whose qualifications were similar to our "super-devs."

As we did, the happiness of our clients increased year by year.

"They think not just in terms of features, but also technology, productivity, efficiency, and ease of use."

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Web Development

Our keys to successful
web development

  • Frontend frameworks

    Scalable, frontend apps come from high-performance frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.
    We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. These tools save us time and achieve responsive UI and effective UX.
  • Resource optimization

    Server-side rendering, data understanding, adaptive images, and caching strategies. These features enhance your site’s performance
    and make it engaging for all audiences. Our devs measure speed with Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Feedback loop

    Tools like Sentry, Fullstory, and Optimizely allow you to get information about your users and optimize their experience.
  • Integrations

    Our devs have the efficiency and experience to integrate almost anything, from payment processors to AI image processing algorithms.
  • DevOps

    Reliable deploys and having a pipeline with up to four environments are essential for developing a high-traffic website.
    We use continuous integration and Kubernetes to create a scalable infrastructure.
  • Security

    We work with SSL secured apps, attack prevention (DDoS and Brute Force), fraud, and more to ensure your product’s security.

From immediate Slack responses to keeping Jira and Trello up to date, our engineers are trained to offer constant visibility.

Clear communication Clarity. Visibility. Prevention.

On our hiring pipeline, we rank the way our devs handle critical situations — that is, how they determine the weight of a problem and decide which key data the client needs to know.

Academic excellence Finding top ranked developers

All our web developers are computer science graduates with average grades of B+ and high scores on the technical assessments we administer before they join our team.

Technology stacks

Our specific areas of expertise
in web development



Experienced developers building efficient and sophisticated single-page apps using the platform backed by Google

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Engineers able to develop front-ends with incredible user experiences using the framework backed by Facebook

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Developers able to work with one of the best known progressive frameworks on the market




Ruby on Rails

You also get this at no additional cost Built into our service to get the most out of it

Project Management

We help you by planning your project, keeping your deadlines on track, and being available to assist any time.

HR Management

We maintain your team's motivation by providing workshops, free courses, and many other perks.

Engineering Mastercrew

Get access to tech gurus with vast experience in IoT, Data Science, DevOps, Blockchain, and more.


Don’t just take our word for it

They’re the core of our development.

The resources provided by BEON Tech Studio deliver high-quality development work, offer valuable insights, and integrate well with the client’s mission.

CEO at Evvnt
Richard Green

Their developers are efficient, responsive, and affordable.

I appreciate how they encourage us to release updates quickly to seek customer feedback.

VP of Product at MagellanTV
James Lauzun

They are wonderful.

They’re very attentive and communicative. They’re always readily available and they reply quickly.

CEO at Educasic
Melissa Murphy

I wouldn’t do any projects without them.

They’re fantastic at project management, using email, Slack, and Trello to communicate. We talk every day, and their developers are like part of our internal team.

CEO at Succulent Studios
Andrew Moeck

BEON is our entire technology team.

They’re heavily engaged with our day-to-day operation despite being remote.

COO at Candy Club
Jarred Herman

Phenomenal project management.

We’ve worked with teams from around the world, and BEON Tech Studio has been one of the best.

Co-Founder of SoftServ
Justin Shane

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