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In software development, you get the best results when you use the highest quality resources. Every feature we deploy comes from the minds of the passionate professionals who form our team. The more qualified the team members, the higher the value we'll produce, and the happier you will be.

Our recruiting process is consistently evolving to enable us to find the best talent available. Our HR team interviews hundreds of candidates per week to find outstanding profiles. Each applicant goes through a rigorous set of interviews and tests, and only 3% of them get hired.

"Every feature we deploy comes from the minds of the passionate professionals."

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Key Skills

Developers who fit the mold

A perfect balance between technical and communication skills

We look deep for smart, responsive, and proactive developers with over three years of experience.

Academic excellence

We look for professionals who graduated from their university programs with the highest grades. We like natural leaders, those who stood out in school because they engaged in teamwork and offered their unique touch.

English proficiency

We exclusively select professionals with a high proficiency in English to support our Zero Lost-in-Translation policy.

hiring pipeline

Our team member selection process

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HR screening
Cultural fit
Technical assessment
Technical interview

Time Zone Aligned

A regional approach
to finding talent

The majority of our clients are active businesses that require live support and daily online collaboration. Availability and quick turnaround are musts, so having the team working in the same time zone is critical.

LATAM countries produce outstanding talent due to excellent public education up to the university level. We capture talent from the entire region without limiting our search to those who can commute to the office. This strategy multiplies the number of available applicants and, therefore, the quality of the professionals we select.

The dedicated work culture and warmth are part of the Latin American DNA, and they both contribute to the seamless integration of teams, empowering productivity and making things work.

Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Managua, Nicaragua
Caracas, Venezuela
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Santiago, Chile
Montevideo, Uruguay
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bogotá, Colombia
La Paz, Bolivia
Armenia, Colombia


Clients get direct access to the development team during working hours.


Clients manage and control what every team member is working on by using a management tool like Trello or Jira.

Accurate tracking

They also perform precision time tracking with monthly reports.

The keys to making clients happy Training developers to demonstrate these critical traits

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Don’t just take our word for it

They’re the core of our development.

The resources provided by BEON Tech Studio deliver high-quality development work, offer valuable insights, and integrate well with the client’s mission.

CEO at Evvnt
Richard Green

Their developers are efficient, responsive, and affordable.

I appreciate how they encourage us to release updates quickly to seek customer feedback.

VP of Product at MagellanTV
James Lauzun

They are wonderful.

They’re very attentive and communicative. They’re always readily available and they reply quickly.

CEO at Educasic
Melissa Murphy

I wouldn’t do any projects without them.

They’re fantastic at project management, using email, Slack, and Trello to communicate. We talk every day, and their developers are like part of our internal team.

CEO at Succulent Studios
Andrew Moeck

BEON is our entire technology team.

They’re heavily engaged with our day-to-day operation despite being remote.

COO at Candy Club
Jarred Herman

Phenomenal project management.

We’ve worked with teams from around the world, and BEON Tech Studio has been one of the best.

Co-Founder of SoftServ
Justin Shane

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