Everyone needs an agile and scalable
software development team for success.

Our startup is about making yours awesome.

  • We bring the best teams together.

    We only work with highly qualified engineers and designers.

    We scale the team on demand as you grow.

    We employ the top 1% of the IT market.

  • We manage your project from the beginning to end.

    We work under Agile Development methodologies.

    We set up goals, plan, and keep deadlines.

    We provide visibility every step of the way.

  • We provide product management consultancy.

    We create simple, clean and great products.

    We help you proritize to optimize spending.

    Our main goal is to release your app on time.



00Frontend Development

01Backend Development

02Quality Assurance

03Third party integrations



01Third party integrations

02Quality Assurance

03Submitting to app stores





Michel Cohen

Co-Founder - Project Manager

Passionate about music and singing.

Julian Fuks

Project Manager

Soccer and Justina (my daugther) lover.

Juan Martín Contreras

Mobile app development

Cats and beach days are my things!

Lea Firbank


Music fan, Books lover and chocolate addict.

Jarbit Lira


Your success comes from the effort you put in everything you do.

Javier Stifano


Video gamer, sports and good food lover.

Reynaldo Trujillo


Language enthusiast and an avid learner. Just being.

Damian Wasserman

Co-Founder - Web and Mobile UX Expert

Timing freak and Dancing King.

Juan Henriquez


Soccer lover, geek and JavaScript addict.

Uciel Cohen


Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn, but I never lose.

Juan Manuel Pinzon Giraldo


Passionate about development and continuous improvement, music and Italian food lover.

Rhet Prieto


I love music, books and stories in any possible format.

David Mazzitelli

Project Leader - iOS Architect - PHP Expert

Metal head and cinephile.

Victoria Lembo

HR Manager

Music is my favorite language. I'm also a cat lover.

Carlos Hernández


The power of family, my inspiration.

Enrique Arrieta


Video gamer, dabbler of cook and travel.

Melina Chalandovsky

Sales Assistant

Fashion addict and healthy cooking fan.

Miguel Costero


I love soccer, code and travels no matter the order.

Franz Jaldin Vera

Senior Frontend Developer

DC Comics, video gamer and sports enthusiast.

Mariana Vidal

UI - UX Expert

Crossfit lover.

Rodrigo Soliz

Senior Frontend Engineer

Traveler and family man.

Harold Araujo


Always challenging myself, everyday trying to learn something new. Sports and videogames enthusiast.

Phanor Coll

Traveler, music fan, dog lover.. gopher in action. Life is a graph, embrace it!

Yitzhak Matías


Hard worker, passionate by science, engineering, technology and music.

 We have been working with Beon for over 3 years and could not be happier! Beyond an excellent technical development team, we consider them members of the company and know they always have our best interest at heart. They're incredibly proficient and professional, but most importantly they care deeply about the success of the company and work tirelessly to make it happen! Do yourself a favor and work with them, you won't regret it!  COO at CandyClub
 I have been working with Beon for the past 6 years on multiple projects (web, mobile web, native) - The Beon team is professional, extremely technical BUT at the same time, are great at managing projects from idea to delivery. They have become such an integral part of our in-house team - I'm not sure how we'd get anything done without them.  CEO at Educasic
 Beon is the most professional software and solution architect company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The entire team was engaged in design, engineering and the successful implementation of my first ever social market platform. Their brilliant and fast-thinking team members allows Beon to generate simple and robust out-of-the-box solutions that are easy to implement.  CEO at Patriot List

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